East Village
(Calgary Municipal Land Corporation)

In August 2013, a fulsome assessment of Calgary’s ‘new’ East Village was completed for the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC). This assessment involved a full criminologial study of the East Village community, including a three-phase assessment of the site to address ongoing concerns of crime and aberrant behavior. Upon completion of this project, it was found that Calgary’s East Village constitutes one of the most unique examples of how gentrification can unfold in a positive and enriching manner. Today, the East Village is fast becoming one of Calgary’s most vibrant and livable communities.


Delta Hotels Calgary

In September 2012, an exploratory environmental crime reduction study was completed for three Delta Hotels located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Using the SAFE Design Standard® methodology as the basis for the study,  local managers were provided recommendations on how their already high level of physical security could be improved through minor design modifications. Resulting from this study, it was found that Delta Hotels’ exceptional attention to customer care and service directly translated into these three Calgary locations being some of the safest and most secure hotels in the city.